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“Without pain, how could we know joy?”

John green

Today your author is Amy. Monty and Henry took a quick trip home. So I’m holding down the fort. 

Since the last post our doctors have made plans for many changes. 

This past weekend, they wanted to remove a chest tube and the RA line. But they found that my milk and the low fat formula they switched too, both are too fatty for him right now. The clot that’s in his arm is causing his lymph system to leak fluid into his chest and then out the tubes. If they removed tubes, then all that fluid will cause issues inside him. So axe that idea. 

The RA line they cannot remove because they have to administer IV nutrition through it since he is not tolerating milk or formula. So again, axe that idea. 

They wanted to wean off morphine, so they turned off the drip and started giving him periodic doses. He did NOT do well with that. John Lee got very mad, and in his frustration and crying, kicked one of the chest tubes and caused the suture to come out. So yesterday, they did end up pulling out that tube. Lucky John😉 

Fortunately, that chest tube had stopped putting out fluid by then. 

Now John Lee is back on a morphine drip and they are slowing the weaning process, but still moving forward with it. 

Also due to his withdrawing they had to postpone extubating. That was frustrating. But praise the Lord, today was the day!! The breathing tube came out! He is breathing very well on his own. He has a CPAP right now and is doing well with it. The next step is getting him on what they call “High Flow”. It’s about three steps away from being able to move to the recovery floor! 

Doesn’t he look like a rhino?

They have also removed the very frustrating arterial line. This makes me very happy. 

Today was a big day for John. He’s been intubated for 6 weeks now! He’s showing off his breathing skills and pleasing the doctors. Plus he took a pacifier today. 

But today was an even bigger day for mamma. I’m seeing so much progress in my little guy. And for the first time in 6 weeks, I heard my baby’s voice. It’s hoarse and quiet, but I can still hear it. My eyes immediately filled with tears of joy. It was like hearing your child cry for the first time when they are born, but better.

5 Responses to “Rhinoceros”

  1. Jeff Conner

    Thankful for the joy of the Lord and the small miracles along the way. Loved that you could hear his voice, sweet. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t bring a tear to my eye. Continuing to pray for you guys. James 1:2-4


  2. Tonya Haynes

    You got to hear him!!!! You didn’t mention that amazing news! Over the moon excited for you and Monty to see and hear this next phase of Johns recovery. Praying, praying, praying still every step of the way! Love you guys!


  3. Kathy Crook

    We continue to pray for you all. We rejoice in John’s recovery and am in awe of the strength and faith of his family. Im sure you never would have thought you could go through this, and here you are, holding onto God, enjoying even the miracles in the small things, it’s an honor to stand behind you in these times, and humbling to trust you all into Gods hands! He will not fail you nor forsake you! He is faithful!!!


  4. Suzy

    How wonderfully sweet — praising God for being able to hear John Lee’s voice and for that beautiful moment of connection!



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